White or Cider Vinegar: What Benefits on Our Hair?


Do you like to have a hair that is shiny and soft?

Of course, that’s a logical answer, No?

And As you know it’s gorgeous to adopt natural methods to take care of yourself You’ve heard white vinegar in any case if you do not know it

Your hair is in need of Brilliance, softness, or even energy. IT’S your OPPORTUNITY

Let’s go…

From time to time, it is good to find alternatives to costly and often chemical care products. Even though they may have many qualities, it is also sometimes more efficient and healthy to adopt a natural method to take care of themselves: cider vinegar is an indispensable in the bathroom to have beautiful hair. Gloss, softness, energy, it is a ally of size to have a hair in perfect health.

Tightens scales

Your hair is dull? Good news, the vinegar tightens the scales and makes your hair shine, like the Care without rinsing Expert Mèches. Known also to fix the pigments of your coloring, it allows you to display a color full of brilliance.

Light hair

In addition, with its toning and astringent properties, it helps to regulate the production of sebum. Your hair will re-grease less quickly and will look lighter for longer.

Soft hair

Finally, if your hair has no particular problems, you can still use vinegar to make your hair supple and silky

Brullant hair

But it does not only act on the scalp, since it also allows to remove the limestone from the water, the dull hair then regains brightness.

How to use white vinegar or cider at home?

Cider vinegar or white vinegar? Both are effective! Even if the second has a stronger odor, it will fade on drying.

At home, mix:

Two tablespoons (three if your hair is greasy and / or with dandruff) to a liter of water, in an empty plastic bottle. Once a week, first rinse your shampoo with fresh water, then rinse your hair again with vinegar water.

Other method:

To incorporate cider vinegar into its hair beauty routine, you just need to:

Equip yourself with an empty bottle,

1 liter of cold mineral water,

3 tablespoons cider vinegar,

A few drops of essential oil for those who fear the smell of vinegar at the time of application.

No panic, it does not smell very good when used, but the smell disappears very quickly and is completely dissipated when the hair is dry.

After washing and rinsing the hair, the mixture of water, vinegar and essential oil is simply poured over all of the hair, having the head upside down.

It is possible to gently rub the hair to ensure that there is everywhere, especially on the roots, so that the vinegar can act perfectly. Finally, it is not necessary to rinse the hair again.

For more efficiency regarding the application of cider vinegar, the good idea is to use a vaporizer.

Other uses are possible, in particular by mixing it with honey in order to prepare a natural mask, to be applied to the hair for 10 minutes before rinsing.

Cider vinegar and honey complement each other to cleanse the scalp, soften the hair fiber and thus combat dandruff and split ends.

Flash info In addition to vinegar, did you know that a balanced diet is important to have beautiful hair?


Natural or colored hair, whether it be a permanent coloration or henna, do not have to fear the action of cider vinegar.

Not only will the color not be altered, but it will even be sublimated, brilliant as ever.

All types of hair can use cider vinegar: there is no contraindication.

Whether frizzy, curly, curly, smooth, dry, greasy, mixed, permanent, colorful … they can all benefit from its benefits.

On the other hand, like any good thing, it should not be abused. It is not necessary to rinse your hair with cider vinegar after each shampoo.

Every 3 or 4 shampoos is more than enough.

A more regular use may have a result opposite to what is sought: the acidity of the vinegar, at too high a dose, damages the hair and dries it.

Obviously, the idea is to take care of her hair in a natural and healthy way, it is recommended to choose an organic cider vinegar, which contains less alcohol, has a pectin from untreated apples, Dry less hair.



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