What goal of smoothing with keratin


goal of smoothing with keratin?

Keratin is the new essential asset of hair repair. It is used for Brazilian smoothing and even some devices such as smoothing plates are impregnated. But what is this miraculous ingredient, the secret of the dream manes?


Goal of smoothing with keratin


You have surely heard of keratin if you have already tested the Brazilian smoothing: this treatment indeed uses this substance to permanently relax the hair for 3 to 6 months.

The soft and glossy result of this type of smoothing is not surprising when we know that our hair is made up of 95% keratin.

It is a fibrous protein naturally present in the hairs, feathers, horns and beaks of many animals. But especially it softens the hair and gives it radiance, which is why it is so often used in the hair care department.


Keratin is the favorite ingredient of shampoos and masks for curly or tired hair. Indeed, its action is not limited to relaxing the hair and avoiding frizz … This active also makes it possible to tighten the scales and to “fill the gaps” of the hair damaged by colorations or repeated brushings.
Some hairdressers such as smoothing plates and hairdryers also operate this property. They include ceramic impregnated with keratin so that every time the device releases fine particles that help to tighten the scales and make the hair shine.

Finally, there are even food supplements using this protein against hair loss. In any case, the promise is always the same: help us to find a hair dream. So, ready to try it?

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