What goal of garlic on our hair?


Known for its antibacterial and anti-cancer effect, as well as for its antioxidant richness that prevents premature aging of the cells, garlic is also a very good ally of hair and scalp. We make the point for you.

What are the benefits of garlic on hair?

First of all, Garlic is a vegetable called “bulb”, which contains many nutrients essential for good hair health:

Vitamin B1, which activates hair regrowth by activating the circulation and microcirculation of the scalp; as well as Vitamin C , which strengthens the roots;  also Vitamin B6, also called cystine, which stimulates the production of keratin and promotes hair growth;
Sulfur, which is one of the main components of keratin;
Methionine, an amino acid that improves both the growth and quality of hair fibers.
Due to these multiple properties, the application of it is considered to be extremely beneficial to the scalp and hair. It can be advised in the following cases:

A fall of hair, in case of great stress or in autumn, or even in prevention;
The appearance of areas called alopecia areata where all the hair has fallen and forming patches of bare skin on the skull;
Fine, brittle and dull hair;
Irritation, itching or dandruff, garlic also having the virtue of cleansing the scalp.

How to use garlic on hair?

Here is an example of a natural recipe based on garlic to apply on the hair:

Firstly, Crush 3 to 5 cloves of garlic using a fork or a food processor.
Collect the juice produced. then , apply this juice as it is to the scalp. It is also possible to mix it with coconut oil, olive oil or castor oil, allowing it to macerate in the refrigerator between 15 days and a month.
Note: if the scalp is subject to alopecia, areas of the skull from which all the hair has fallen, it is possible to directly rub a clove of garlic in the place concerned provided it is clean, without irritations or Wounds.

To ensure the effectiveness of the treatment:

Don’t forget to massage the juice for 5 minutes to stimulate the scalp.
Brush the hair with a comb to remove any small pieces of it.
Let stand 5 minutes, then make a classic shampoo.
For a more intensive treatment, allow to macerate for 30 minutes to an hour, even a night, on the hair, wrapped with a hot towel or cellophane. Then shampoo.

In conclusion take the Note: due to the strong odor emitted by the garlic, it is recommended to cover the hair during all the installation of the care. The odor will leave once the shampoo is done.

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