How to deal with your dry skin??


Do not confuse sensitive skin with allergic skin: an allergic skin does not support certain ingredients, whether put on the face or elsewhere.


Sensitive skin can fluctuate, in other words be sensitive for a few years and go better afterwards, or on the contrary become fragile due to an abuse of cosmetics, or even certain medicines.

What are the gestures to avoid when you have sensitive skin?Having sensitive skin does not mean you should not put anything on your skin for fear of dying in atrocious suffering.

Here is what can feed the sensitivity of your skin:

Heating but also air conditioning can actually sensitize the skin. If you can, avoid large temperature loopings (from a very cold room to an overheated room for example).
Water is the first factor in skin sensitization: cleaning with water is not ideal for all. If after a cleansing with water your skin is red, it tickles or pulls, goes to a cleaning without water.
The abuse of aggressive creams can also do big damage: avoids the creams anti-buttons at all goes, the scrubs too strong …

In the long term, if your skin is not very resistant, you really risks to attack your skin And therefore to make it sensitive. Similarly, changing cream every 4 mornings does not help anything and attacks the epidermis.

Certain cosmetic ingredients can also promote the sensitivity of the skin: perfume, essential oils or even alcohol must be avoided.

Attention however, if it is an allergy to essential oils, it is totally different! What routine to adopt?

It is sometimes hard to find a good routine when the skin is sensitive … However, leaving your skin to abandon is always the worst thing to do, especially when the sensitivity is there. Watchword ? Regularity and softness!

The cleansing of sensitive skin is the subject that is angry. If your skin tolerates water, avoid scrubs (type microbeads or chemical peels daily), and favors the cleansers surgras and moisturizers.

Finally, do not forget to complete the cleansing with a lotion for sensitive skin, or a spray of thermal water to soothe the skin.

For those who can not clean themselves with water, it is necessary to bet on the micellar water or else a milk of toilet.

For micellar water, a cotton is sufficient. and For lotion milk, you can rinse it with cotton soaked in lotion, or a spray of thermal water.
The cream should be chosen according to its type of skin (oily, dry, normal …), but imperatively soft. For this, it is necessary to rely, for example, on compositions enriched with thermal water, or specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Concerning scrubs and masks, it is necessary to prefer very gentle scrubs even chemicals (but twice a month maximum), as well as soothing masks. Oily skin can say goodbye to green clay, as well as menthol masks.


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