7 gestures to avoid to have BEAUTIFUL HAIR !!


Several habits regarding the care of our hair can be the cause of destruction of our hair without knowing Have you prepared to discover together what are these habits to avoid to have beautiful hair?

1. Brushing wet hair

How to have beautiful long and shiny and beautiful hair? Rule number one: one never uses his brush when they are wet. Fragile by water, they become more brittle and the passage of our brush fragilizes them enormously. It is therefore expected to have dried them or to use a comb with large teeth to disentangle them.

2. Make burning brushings
Certainly the undisciplined manes have difficulty to do without but there are some rules to respect. For example, heat is avoided to the maximum in order not to dehydrate the lengths and a safe distance is maintained so as not to damage the fiber.
3. Rub the lengths to wring
Rubbing energetically out of the shower is a painful reflex for our hair. This action tends to weaken them and to favor breakage. So instead of mistreating them, they are wrapped in a towel a few minutes before dabbing them gently.
4. Use your looper on wet beatiful hair
Some days raplaplas, the “curler” is our only ally to regain a little volume. In order to be able to use it at will, one does not operate in any way. And the first thing to avoid is working on wet hair. We say no to the bale of straw effect and the lengths are dried well before starting.

5. Opting for too tight hairstyles
True, the strict ponytail is trendy but this is not a reason to abuse it. Tying them often or too tightly helps breakage and even hair loss. So we alternate with “loose” hairstyles that do good to our mane and let them float free before going to bed.
6. Make shampoos too often
This is no surprise to anyone, a shampoo every day is the best way to screw them up. Not only does this tarnish our lengths but we attack the scalp that produces more sebum. Hello the fat roots! The washings are therefore spaced or (if it is not possible to do otherwise) a shampoo with very frequent use is used.let’s see the last step
7. Rinse hair with hot water
The burning water excites the sebaceous glands, the production of sebum and therefore we find ourselves quickly with the hair greasy. We therefore content ourselves with a warm shower (much better for the circulation anyway) and we finish with a rinse in cold water for lengths shimmering.


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